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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a type of gluteoplasty—a cosmetic surgery performed to enhance the appearance of the buttocks. It involves transferring fat from an area such as the hips or midsection
to the buttocks to make it fuller and rounder. Despite its name, this procedure will not “lift” loose, sagging skin on the buttocks.
Many considering undergoing a butt augmentation procedure turn to a Brazilian butt lift because the end result tends to look more natural than other options (butt implants or injections). There is also a
lower risk of infection due to the use of your own fat vs. a manmade material.

While Brazilian butt lift is a safe procedure , all surgeries have certain risks, which may include:

  1. Infection. If your surgeon’s instruments were not properly sterilized or if you fail to clean
    your wounds
  2. Scarring minimal in Brazilian butt lift
  3. Reabsorbed fat- some of the injected fat may be reabsorbed, thus diminishing your results
  4. Prolonged loss of sensation
  5. Fluid accumulation
  6. Excessive bleeding
  7. DVT
  8. Revisional surgery


A Brazilian butt lift consists of fat grafting that is notable for its natural-looking results. The
procedure involves the following steps:
The procedure is usually performed under anesthesia, but in procedures where a smaller
volume of fat is transferred, it may be done with only local anesthesia (numbing
medication). You may ask for an anti-nausea medication beforehand, especially if anesthesia
makes you sick. Your surgeon then uses liposuction to remove fat from other areas of your body, such as your hips, stomach, and thighs. Liposuction itself involves making incisions in the skin, and
then using a tube to remove fat from the body. The fat stores that have just been removed from your body are purified and readied for injection into your buttocks.
Your surgeon finishes by injecting the processed fat into specific areas of the buttocks to create a more rounded, full look. They make three to five incisions around the buttocks for
fat transfers. Both liposuction and fat transfer incisions are closed up with stitches. Your surgeon then
applies a compression garment against the affected areas of skin to minimize your risk of bleeding.

Q1 How long does Brazilian butt lift last?
A1 The results of a Brazilian butt lift can last several months to years. Initially, more than one
procedure may be needed to achieve desirable results. It can also take up to 6 months to see
full results from the initial procedure.

Q2 What do I need to know before getting a Brazilian butt lift?
A2 8 Things to Know Before Getting a Buttock Lift or BBL
BBL Is A 2-For-1 Procedure. …
BBL Offers Natural-Looking Results. …
BBL Can Change Shape and Volume. …
People Of All Body Types Can Have A BBL. …
Squats Won’t Give You The Same Result. …
Schedule BBL and Tummy Tuck Separately. …
BBL Results Aren’t Immediate. …
BBL Is Usually Outpatient.

Q3 Can you die from BBL?
A3 “I know that in your own investigation, you found out there was a lot of hidden
information out there.” A team of doctors studied the procedure and found patients
are up to 20 times more likely to die from a BBL than any other cosmetic procedure.