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Nose has been traditionally considered to be the most important part of facial beauty in Indian culture. From the times of Ramayana, so much importance has been given to the beauty of the nose. Indian noses are generally broad based with a bulbous or a rounded tip and wide nasal dorsum to go alongwith.

Rhinoplasty or Nose-job is an easy way to modify your nose aesthetics to achieve that perfect nose you always wanted. Minor nose modifications nowadays can be achieved with Liquid Rhinoplasty without undergoing the knife, but any deformities which need structural changes still require a surgical rhinoplasty.


Liquid Rhinoplasty

Due to the recent developments with safety and quality of hyaluronic acid fillers, now they are being commonly used to achieve minor changes in your nose. Changes which can be achieved with fillers are:

  1. Tip modification
  2. Making dorsum of the nose look narrower
  3. Correcting nasal bridge irregularities 

 Closed Rhinoplasty

  1. No external scar
  2. Less postoperative edema
  3. Faster recovery
  4. Less operative time
  5. Difficult to assess and visualize anatomic variations and therefore make an appropriate operative plan

Open Rhinoplasty

  1.  More accurate assessment of anatomic variations
  2. Requires wider dissection
  3. More postoperative edema particularly at the tip
  4. Exposure takes more time
  5. Possible longer recovery time
  6. Columellar scar

What modifications can be done with rhinoplasty? 

  1. Increase or decrease tip projection
  2. Narrowing of the tip
  3. Rotation of the hanging tip
  4. Correction of an asymmetric tip

  5. Lengthening of the nose
  6. Augmentation of a saddle nose deformity
  7. Straightening of the deviated cartilaginous dorsum
  8. Straightening of the crooked nose
  9. Management of a hump deformity


Q1 .How is rhinoplasty different from septoplasty?
A1.Rhinoplasty is a surgery to change the shape of the nose. Because both breathing and the nose’s shape are interrelated, a rhinoplasty may sometimes be performed not only to change the way the nose looks but also to improve breathing through the nose.

Q2.Is rhinoplasty a simple operation?
A2.No. Rhinoplasty is a challenging operation. This is due to several factors. First, the nose is complicated 3D shape that is in the middle of the face. Changes made during rhinoplasty are often
very small. But these changes can make a major difference in the way the nose looks and functions. Because these changes are small, so is the margin for error. Swelling and the placement of local anesthetic in the skin distort the nose during surgery, hiding
many of the subtle changes made. Rhinoplasty also doesn’t have a standard plan or set order of steps. Doctors tailor each operation to the needs of the patient.

Q3.Will I need to stay in the hospital?
A3.Nearly everyone who has rhinoplasty is able to safely leave the hospital the same day after surgery. In rare cases, you may stay in the hospital for one night if you’re having a hard time with nausea or have other health problems that need to be monitored