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Breast Augmentation

Every woman desires to be beautiful, and what better way to do this than with perfectly symmetrical breasts? Many women are dissatisfied with the size and appearance of their breasts. Breast augmentation is the finest choice for these ladies because it is secure, focused on results, and long-lasting.

Breast augmentation, breast enlargement, or the medical term Mammoplasty, refers to a surgery where artificial implants or fat grafting are used to enhance the breasts. It is a surgery to get a bigger, firmer, and rounder breast. It brings a woman’s figure back into harmony. Breast augmentation can improve the appearance of the breasts, making them more firm, beautiful, and youthful.


Different Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery:

Breast implants and fat transfer augmentation are the two basic types of breast augmentation. Depending on how you want your breasts to feel and look, there are many different alternatives available within those two categories:

  • Breast Implant: The two commonly used breast implants are Saline and Silicone-gel breast implants. Saline-filled implants have sterile salt water inside plastic casings. Some are already filled, while others are filled as the implant is placed.
  • The silicone shell implants are filled with a plastic gel (silicone). Although many women claim silicone gel implants feel more natural than saline implants, they are more dangerous if they leak. Saline and silicone both offer a variety of sizes and either smooth or textured outer shells. It all depends on personal preference as each has its advantages and disadvantages. The most popular breast augmentation method uses implants placed during the procedure in the fold where the breast meets the chest wall. The breast implant scar is thicker and more noticeable than other breast enlargement surgeries.
  • Breast Augmentation with Fat Injection: This brand-new method of grafting fat involves taking fat from the patient body part with excess fat and injecting into breasts. The first stage of this cosmetic procedure involves removing fat from the patient’s body, and the second stage involves injecting fat into the breast tissue. The breasts can be reshaped to look more natural with the help of breast augmentation in Delhi using fat injection. Both surgical procedures can be carried out using specialised equipment.


Benefits of Fat Injection Procedure

Since women prefer a more natural technique that does not require inserting foreign materials into the body, more women are choosing fat transfer breast augmentation as an alternative to breast implants. Using the body’s fat cells, fat transfer breast augmentations create large, beautiful breasts that appear and feel natural. Other reasons for selecting a fat transfer breast augmentation include:

  • Only minor incisions are made, resulting in almost any scarring.
  • Because there are no foreign materials injected, there is no chance of the body rejecting them.
  • less recovery time following breast augmentation with fat transfer, quicker recovery, parallel repair of additional contour defects


Breast Augmentation Surgery

Using various techniques, the most popular method for improving breast size and shape is to put soft silicone implants covered by membranes or breast augmentation. Many women also choose fat grafting procedures for breast volume enhancement. In these procedures, unwanted fat is suctioned out of various body parts and injected into the breasts.

In most cases, breast augmentation can be performed without an overnight stay. The patient usually has general anaesthesia, and the surgery takes between one and two hours.

Depending on the body, the type of implant, and the amount of enlargement being done, the surgeon will create a cut under the breasts, under the arms, or around the nipples.

Following the incision, the surgeon exposes the breast tissue and separates it from the muscles and connective tissue of the chest. A pocket will form either behind or close to the pectoral muscle as a result of this. The surgeon will then place the implant into this pocket behind your nipple. A pocket either above or below the chest muscle is used to put the breast implant. Once the implant is done, the surgeon will cover and close the incision with surgical tape.

The results of this procedure are excellent, long-lasting, and extremely realistic-looking. As a result, they are widely valued, especially by women who wish to see changes in body shape.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

    • As it involves surgical improvement and enhancement of breast size and shapes, this surgery aids in achieving the ideal breast contour.
    • This could boost one’s self-assurance and respect. 
    • Breast augmentation positively impacts one’s quality of life by making one feel more attractive and self-assured.
    • You can feel more pleased and joyful with their lives.
    • Long lasting promising results.
    • Quick recovery within four weeks. You can get back to work, your physical exercises, and other routine work within a short period.
    • A lot of women have asymmetrical breasts. Perhaps one is bigger than the other. Nipples could have varying diameters or angles of inclination. One breast could sag more or less than the other. With breast augmentation surgery, you can take care of all these problems and have perfectly symmetrical breasts and nipples.


Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost In Delhi

Breast augmentation in Delhi is a medical procedure that results in larger, better-shaped breasts for women without putting them at risk for harmful side effects.

The breast enlargement procedure in Delhi involves injecting silicone implants, saline implants or fat. Breast augmentation in Delhi helps a woman’s physique regain its natural balance. Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi is relatively inexpensive compared to other nations and cities.

The best plastic surgeon who offers top-notch services to their clients is available for breast augmentation surgery in Delhi. The BLINIQ Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Delhi, where all of the staff members are board-certified surgeons, provides you with exceptional outcomes at an affordable cost.

The price of breast augmentation in Delhi is determined by several variables, including the geographic location and surgeon from whom you are having the treatment done and the kind and size of the implant you choose. The average cost of the implants is between INR 42,000 and INR 50,000, while the surgery costs between 95000 and 120000. Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost in Delhi is based on the following variables:

    • Hospital: The cost of the treatment will vary depending on the sort of hospital the patient chooses. The cost is relatively higher in renowned hospitals.
    • Type of Surgery: The surgical technique employed also influences the cost. Different approaches require different tools, abilities, and equipment. As a result, depending on the treatment, the cost may change.
    • Equipment: If the treatment calls for using expensive machinery and cutting-edge technology, the procedure’s cost will be considered.
    • Qualifications and experience for doctors: More expensive surgery will be charged by experienced doctors. But over time, it turns out to be cost-effective. Always choose a licensed, knowledgeable physician.
    • The associated hospital fees will be applied if a hospital stay is required due to your condition.
    • Recovery and healing time and other requisition.


Best Breast Size Increase Surgery in Delhi

Dr Ashwani Kumar is one of India’s pioneers in breast augmentation using subfascial fat transfer and mammoplasty. Given his experience performing breast procedures, he is a well-known breast augmentation surgeon and one of Delhi’s leading Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons. He executes this technique with the utmost talent and skill. Utilising only the most modern procedures and top-notch implants speeds healing and reduces downtime.He is the best and most trustworthy cosmetic surgeon in Delhi for aesthetic procedures. His clientele can afford his services, and the results are excellent. He has over 3000 successful treatments and is quite knowledgeable in mega-liposuctions and body contouring. Every procedure and treatment is tailored to the individual requirements of each patient.Using cutting-edge equipment and unique US-approved technology, Dr Ashwani offers the best personal care support while ensuring the clients’ security and enjoyment. Dr Ashwani Kumar’s dream project, the BLINIQ Cosmetic Surgery Centre, was created to give you access to the most innovative cosmetic surgery techniques. Here, you can go through enormous, previously inconceivable physical changes.


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