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Upper Lip Lift

A Lip Lift for Men is a procedure that can increase the visibility of thin lips and reduce the length ofan overlong upper lip. Lip Lift for Men can be used to address a number of issues. If you smile and
your upper teeth aren’t exposed because of an overlong upper lip, a lip lift may help improve this. If the corners of your mouth are turned down and make you seem like you’re frowning, a lip lift can be designed to help lift the corners of the mouth.

Are You A Candidate?

A lip lift could be right for you if you want your upper teeth to be more visible when you smile, if you
feel your lips make you look older, or if you want to make subtle positive changes in your facial
expression. When you schedule your consultation, we will review the procedure thoroughly with
you, and help you decide if it’s the best approach to reach your goals.

How The Procedure Works
A lip lift procedure is performed in several ways, depending upon the results desired. A Lip Lift
procedure will shorten the upper lip, and increase the vermillion, or red portion of the lip. A small,
easily conceal incision under the nose is used to accomplish this. If the corners of the mouth are
downturned, small incisions at the sides of the mouth are used to change the position of the lips and provide a more attractive look. Very fine sutures are used, often dissolvable.

After surgery, you will likely have some bruising and swelling that resolves after about a week or
two. Dr. Ashwani Kumar is a well-known cosmetic surgeon practising in new delhi he & his
staff will also give you detailed instructions as to other steps you should take to ensure fast healing.

Results from the procedure become more apparent as bruising and swelling diminish. Results are
long lasting. Your appearance may be positively enhanced, and you may feel more confident about
the first impressions you make with people.

Q1 How much does an upper lip lift Cost in India?
A1 The cost of the lip reduction surgery is around INR 40,000to 50,000+ applicable taxes.

Q2 How long does a surgical lip lift last?
A2 only lasts about 6 months.

Q3 Do men get lip lifts?
A3 Lip lift surgery is not just for women. There are many male patients who desire changes to their mouth and smile

Q4 Do lip lifts look natural?
A4 Called an Italian Lip Lift, this method creates two shorter incisions underneath the
nostrils. Because the incisions do not go across the base nose, this operation has the
advantage of producing a more limited scar. “It looks pretty. It looks extremely natural.

Q5 Does a lip lift show more teeth?
A5 By getting lip-lift surgery, you can reduce the distance between the base of your nose
and your lip, increase the fullness of the upper lip, and reveal more of your upper teeth