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An adequate chest wall is psychologically very important for males. A well-developed chest denotes fitness, strength, and power. The exposure of the male body in media, which features large and well-defined pectoral muscles, makes the latter highly desirable as an ideal standard.
Many men strive to develop their pectoral muscles for a look of bulk and projection. Some men work out extensively and still are unable to develop the pectoral muscle they hope to achieve. It is a fact that some body types do not achieve chest muscle tone and definition as easily as others. Genetically, some men are predisposed to building fullness in the lower rather than the upper part of the chest. This gives them an unbalanced, heavy look. Even those men who work out frequently may gain strength in the pectoral area without noticeable enlargement of the muscle. In other instances, underdevelopment of the muscle in the chest can be a result of a growth defect or injury.

Chest enhancement surgery via pectoral implant insertion has been growing rapidly, attracting guys who are conscious about their looks to create an impression.


  1. Men unable to develop their pectoral muscles even with a regular exercise regimen.
  2. Men with congenital absence of the pectoralis muscle on one side
  3. Men with injuries to the muscle due to accident or sports injury
  4. Women undergoing gender reassignment surgery


The procedure is performed under General anaesthesia. A 4cms incision is given in the axilla through which a pocket is dissected for insertion of the implant. The procedure lasts for 45-60 minutes. Patient is kept under observation for 6 to 8 hours and then discharged to home with instructions.

Follow-up Visits

Day 3
You are required to visit the clinic after 3 days for getting a dressing change and to monitor your progress.

Day 15
You will be visiting the clinic for suture removal and to discuss any issues you are facing after surgery.

Day 30
The doctor will examine you and advice regarding faster recovery and discuss with you any other issues you are facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are breast implants and pectoral implants similar?
A1. Pectoral implants and breast implants are made up of same material, Silicone. But Pectoral implants are made up of more cohesive silicone gel and a seven layer capsule with volcanic texture. In simple terms breast implants are softer to mimic the natural feel of a breast while pectoral implants are designed to mimic feel of a muscle.

Q2. Can we get gynecomastia surgery done alongwith pectoral implant insertion?
A2. Yes. You can undergo both surgeries at the same time.

Q3. What are the side effects of the procedure?
A3. Some of the side effects which are seen very rarely after the procedure are infection, bleeding, hematoma, palpable implant, asymmetry on both sides.