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When a woman gives birth or ages, her body undergoes a lot of changes. A vaginal muscle loosening is one such change. Many women opt to undergo surgery to reverse this process either for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. The two types of genital surgeries performed on a woman for vaginal tightening purposes are vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. In addition, there are few other types of reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeries that are available.

Some cosmetic surgeries includes,

  1. Genital Hymenoplasty
  2. Clitoris unhooding
  3. G-spot amplification.

For further information on vaginoplasty or labiaplasty as vaginal tightening procedures, consult the best doctors in India at Columbia Asia Hospital. We have a number of professional doctors who will guide you through the process of understanding and undergoing these procedures.

What’s the difference between Vaginoplasty & Labiaplasty?

  1. Vaginoplasty is a procedure that involves surgically tightening the entire vagina from loosening post pregnancy or due to age.
  2. Labiaplasty on the other hand is performed separately or in combination with vaginoplasty. It involves surgery on the labia of the vagina alone. The labia, consists of the labia major or labia minor (the outer and inner lips of the vagina). This surgery helps make the lips symmetrical by changing the size or shape of the labia.


There are a number of reasons why women opt to undergo vaginal tightening surgeries. It is important to recognize whether these purposes are reconstructive or cosmetic in nature.

Reconstructive surgery is done with the purpose of improving a bodily function for a certain area. For example, birth defects in a baby girl can require reconstructive vaginoplasty or labiaplasty. This is so that she is able to have normal function of the urinary system, menstruation cycles, sexual pleasure and birthing as she grows.

Other functional issues that require reconstructive surgery include urinary incontinence and bladder control problems. This issue may cause an overactive bladder and releases urine when one laughs or coughs. It can also cause muscle spasms in the urinary system. Vaginal tightening through vaginoplasty or labiaplasty helps reconstruct the area to function correctly.


A cosmetic vaginal surgery on the other hand, is performed to alter a normal functional vagina. A lot of women in India might want to opt for a genital-hymenoplasty for example, due to societal pressures of being a virgin prior to being married. It is important you have open discussions and consultations with your doctors to ensure that you are making an informed decision.

Types of Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeries

  1. Genital-Hymenoplasty: This procedure is done to restore the hymen to its original state. The hymen is a tissue that can tear either due to strenuous physical activity, use of tampons or sexual intercourse.
  2. G-spot Amplification: Collagen in injected into the vaginal walls to increase sexual pleasure and stimulation in this procedure.

Vaginal Tightening, Vaginoplasty & Labiaplasty Risks

When undergoing a surgery on such a sensitive area, one must get all information on risks and benefits. Known risks of vaginal cosmetic or reconstructive procedures are infections, scarring, pain and discomfort, and changes in sensitivity.

To avoid any post-surgery, issues get professional advice from consultants at Columbia Asia Hospital.


Q1 Is there a surgery to make VAG tighter?
A1 Vaginoplasty (also known as posterior colporrhaphy) is a procedure designed to tighten the vagina. An alternative is noninvasive vaginal tightening through heating tissues with radiofrequency waves or laser.

Q2 How much does it cost to tighten your vag?
A2 The average cost of vaginal rejuvenation is about Rs 70,000, according to reviews left by patients on However, the range in rejuvenation fees can greatly vary based on a number of factors, including: If you’re seeking out surgical or non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation

A3 Why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes?
A3 Women’s vaginas are less elastic when they are not sexually aroused. They become more elastic — “looser” — the more sexually excited they become. A woman may feel “tighter” to a man when she is less aroused, less comfortable, and having less pleasure than her partner.