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Women with thick calves and ankles will need liposuction. In some locations, fat accumulates in thick pockets. Because the calves and ankles are located on the same leg and are in an endless configuration, they must be treated as a single process to maintain the proportion of the lower leg. In rare circumstances, surgeons will also do thigh and knee liposuction to achieve a proportionate leg contour. Fat distribution around the calves and ankles is a severe issue that disrupts the lower leg’s natural bend.


The calves liposuction technique is the most effective way for people to achieve a slimmer and more appealing appearance in their calves. Leg liposuction is required for this area of the body because it cannot be treated with diet and exercise. A Cannula is a suction tube that is used to remove extra fat through a pinhole incision. To be sucked out by the cannula, the fat is warmed and broken down. Before the Liposuction process, patients are thoroughly briefed, and a complete diagnosis is made through a series of evaluations and recommendations.

The surgeon would draw lines around areas of the calf or calves condensed into a proportionate and appealing form. This technique is done under local anesthetic. An open drainage treatment is performed to reduce edema in the calves or ankles by draining the remaining fluids completely. Patients are encouraged to move since it helps to minimize edema. Leg liposuction produces good results with minimal scars and a quick recovery time.

Q1 Can calves be reduced?
A1 Not only will your two calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) get stronger, but you will become leaner. Weight training also helps tone your muscles, improving your appearance and fighting age-related muscle loss.

Q2 How long do calf implants last?
A2 Results are long-lasting, and most often permanent, though you can have the implants removed or replaced at any time. “Some patients who want very large, muscular calves will come back to safely upsize their implants after just six months of healing.

Q3 Does massaging reduce calf size?
A3 Calf Reduction Massage The technique requires soaking your legs in warm water or in hot towels for 10-15 minutes, then massaging with force in an up and down direction to be able to see results. There are many programs in gyms across the world that boast 10 sessions of massage and exercise in order to slim calves.