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Introduction About Liposuction Surgery in Delhi

Liposuction is an advanced cosmetic procedure that reshapes and contours your body by removing the extra stubborn fat from specific parts of your body. BLINIQ is a fully equipped cosmetic and plastic surgery center that has experienced and skilled surgeons to give you the most effective results of liposuction surgery in Delhi with no side effects or health complications.

What is Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction is a surgical treatment procedure that breaks the fat deposition in your body and sucks it out. A hollow instrument known as a cannula is used to remove fat from your body. Liposuction surgery in Delhi is often considered a weight loss surgery, but it is not a weight loss surgery. It is done for people who have a stable weight and desire to remove stubborn fat deposits from specific parts of their bodies.

The procedure is done for aesthetic purposes to enhance the contour of your body. The liposuction procedure removes the fat cells from your body to give you a contoured shape and a more contoured look. It is important to manage your lifestyle effectively after the liposuction surgery so that the treatment results are not reversed. The surgery does not remove all the fat from your body. Only a limited amount of fat can be removed from your body, depending on your body weight.

What are the types of Liposuction Surgery in Delhi?

Various liposuction techniques are currently available. These techniques include:

  • Tumescent liposuction

It is the most popular liposuction technique wherein saline solution with a vessel constrictor and local anaesthetic is injected under the skin of the targeted area, followed by the suction of fat through small tubes.

  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL)

In this method, ultrasound waves are used to melt the fat by breaking the wall of the fat cells and liquifying it. This technique is often followed by suction-assisted liposuction to remove the liquified fat. The technique is more commonly used in fibrous areas (like back and male breasts) and in parts where liposuction has already been done.

  • Power-assisted liposuction (PAL)

This technique uses more power by using a specialized cannula that moves back and forth rapidly. This enables the surgeon to suck out more fat easily.

  • Laser-assisted lipolysis (LAL)

This technique uses a laser delivered into the fat present under your skin through a small incision to heat the fat and remove it from under your skin.

When is Liposuction Surgery Done?

Liposuction surgery is mostly done for cosmetic purposes. Liposuction gives very subtle results on the targeted areas of your body like buttocks, abdomen, back, hips, chest, inner knees, neckline, double chin, love handles, upper arms, and thighs. Apart from cosmetic purposes, liposuction can also be used to treat certain health conditions. The conditions most often treated by liposuction include:

  • Gynecomastia, wherein the fat accumulated in the breasts of a male is removed through liposuction.
  • Lipidema uses the liposuction technique to reduce the pain, discomfort, and swelling caused in your arms and legs due to oedema.
  • Liposuction with removal of extra skin is also done in cases where a person loses 40% of their weight by dieting and exercise or by undergoing Bariatric Surgery and end up with loose and saggy skin  .
  • Lipodystrophy syndrome is characterised by the accumulation of fat in one part of your body and fat loss in the other, giving you a very abnormal structure. In such cases, liposuction can help you get a more natural figure.
  • Liposuction is used for lipoma treatment to remove benign, fatty tumours from your body.
  • Axillary breast/accessory breast can be treated with liposuction without any big scars.

What Happens in Liposuction Surgery in Delhi?

Liposuction surgery in Delhi is divided into three stages: the preparatory phase, during the operation, and the post-surgery phase. 

The preparatory phase is important to ensure that you are physically fit before your surgery. Thus, a few health tests are recommended to you before the surgery. In short, the pre-operative or preparatory phase comprises:

  • Health tests and check-ups to ensure your overall well-being.
  • You must stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin at least 2 weeks before the surgery.
  • Females should stop the use of oral contraceptive pills
  • If you are anaemic, you are advised to take iron supplements before the surgery.
  • Stop smoking 1 month before undergoing the procedure. 
  • You will also be asked to sign a consent form as well.

During the operation

Liposuction is a simple procedure that is performed under general anaesthesia. The effect of general anaesthesia may last for around 1-4 hours. The lower body treatment may require the use of an epidural which involves the injection of anaesthesia into the epidural space that surrounds the fluid-filled sac around your spine. Local anaesthesia can also be used if the procedure is being done in a small area. 

Post-operative phase

The postoperative phase is very important in a liposuction procedure. You need to take utmost care during the postoperative phase to have better and long-lasting results. Some of the events that happen during the postoperative phase include:

  • You might feel anaesthetic after the procedure and be required to spend a night in the hospital if you are given general anaesthesia. In the case of local anaesthesia, liposuction is a daycare procedure, that is, you can leave the hospital on the same day itself.
  • The targeted area will be given an elasticated support corset or bandages after the treatment to reduce your swelling.
  • Antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed after the treatment to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • It is common for some bruising to occur after the treatment. This bruising gets cured on its own sometimes.
  • Numbness can also occur in the targeted area. This numbness gets treated in around 6-8 weeks.
  • A follow-up appointment is required after some days for the removal of the stitches.

What are the risks involved in Liposuction Surgery in Delhi?

Liposuction is generally a safe procedure. However, side effects of the treatment can appear if you get your treatment done by an inexperienced surgeon. At Bliniq, we have a team of experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeons who perform liposuction routinely with almost nil side effects. The minor risks or side effects involved in the procedure, if any are:

  • Severe bruising that can exist for some weeks after the treatment.
  • Swelling and oozing of the fluid from the incision can continue for next 6 months
  • Thrombophlebitis, that is, the formation of blood clots in the veins that can lead to inflammation and future complications.
  • You may have bumpy or wavy skin if your skin elasticity is poor, uneven fat removal has been done, or your wound heals in an unusual way.
  • You may feel temporary numbness in the affected area.
  • Liposuction surgery may cause skin infections as well.
  • Other very rare complications of liposuction surgery include puncturing of the internal organs, heart or kidney problems, pulmonary oedema or embolism, skin burns, and allergic reactions.

What is the cost of liposuction surgery in Delhi?

The cost of liposuction surgery in Delhi depends on the area of your body that is being targeted. We at BLINIQ aim to provide you with the best liposuction surgery in Delhi at the minimum possible liposuction cost.

Why choose BLINIQ?

BLINIQ is a leading cosmetic surgery clinic with a team of experienced cosmetic surgeons. We take complete care of our patients by providing them with a free pickup and drop facility, easy EMI options, unlimited follow-ups and luxurious amenities.